“[A] clever, affecting novel”

—The New Yorker

“A pitch-perfect ear for the musical crudity of Marine banter.”

—The Washington Post

“Kulish lets the natural comedy of war emerge.”

—The Wall Street Journal

“[Kulish’s] dialogue has a great, Strangelove-ian snap.”

—The Washington City Paper Critic’s Pick

“Original and illuminating”

—The New York Sun

“Funny and heartbreaking”

—The New York Post

“Kulish, a former war correspondent, devises the perfect carrot/stick combo for our Paris Hilton-ized generation: a passionate critique of modern warfare disguised as lad lit. This one’ll sneak up on you.”

—Entertainment Weekly “EW Pick Review,” A- rating

“Gossip columnists may want to keep their editors from reading “Last One In,” the upcoming HarperCollins novel by Nicholas Kulish, who was embedded with a Marine attack helicopter unit for The Wall Street Journal. The dark-comic tale, out this July, features a columnist for ‘The New York Daily Herald’ who gets railroaded into covering the invasion of Iraq after he wrongly accuses a big star of cheating on his wife and gets the paper sued.”

—New York Post “Page Six”

“[A] steady flow of Yossarian-flavored absurdity.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Compelling… Uses humor to illuminate the deadly absurdities of war…
a deft command of tone—from the slapstick to the tragic.”

—Kirkus Reviews

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