The Eternal Nazi on NPR


I had the opportunity to talk with the great Robert Siegel on NPR’s All Things Considered about Aribert Heim and “The Eternal Nazi.” You can listen to the interview here.

2 thoughts on “The Eternal Nazi on NPR”

  1. Dear Mr. Kulish
    I read and thoroughly enjoyed – if that’s the correct expression – ‘The Eternal Nazi’. A terrific and terrifying book – well done.
    There’s a reference quite early in the book to appalling behaviour by New Zealand soldiers during the battle of Crete (“They tore off Josef’s fingernails, jabbed out his eyes, and smashed the teeth from his mouth, the paratrooper said”). As far as you are aware, was there any substance to that claim, and do you have any other material relating to it?
    Jonothan Cullinane
    Auckland, New Zealand?

  2. Dear Mr. Kulish,

    I read your Last One Out novel – enjoyable effort, although the pages were bizarrely out of order in the copy I found through the local library, rendering it a significantly more comical and also more difficult (mathematically) read. I had expected a more “embedded” perspective and philosophy on the war, so was happily surprised. But I digress…

    Regarding Heim, I have a few questions about his pre-escape publications, and am wondering if you have a snail-mail address, perhaps via the NYT, I could use to send a hard-copy request to?

    Thanks for your exhaustive efforts to tell the story of his fugitive Odyssey.

    – Kel

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